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Muse Family & Graduation

"Family is not important; they are everything" - Michael J Fox

Many people don't know or realize how important it is to have family pictures until their family member grows up so quickly or passes away without any memories that can be visually seen.

Most of our clients come again and bring their family members to have family photos taken because they know that a family picture is not just for fun; it is also really important.

With our complete services that include makeup and hair, we can bring out the best looks for the whole family.

Our lighting and editing are natural and brighten the tone and skin colour. This will make a photo always good look, even if many years have passed.

The modern styles, happy expressions and fun are our characteristics; we also utilize formal poses to complete your family photo collections.

It's gives great happiness to have family pictures in our house, and when we come into our house and see the happy expressions of our loved ones, we are overjoyed.


" foto di Muse asyik banget, makeup nd hairdo nya keren dan kualitas Fotonya Bagus banget, saya Puas foto di Muse" (Dr Anita Kurniawati & Family, Jakarta Utara) "