Makeup Course


DAY 1  {Makeup Products and Tools, Skin, Brush and Foundation:}
•    Professional products, tools and hygiene
•    Determine dry, normal, oily, and sensitive skin types and find the right foundation.
Learning the benefit of using professional brushes.
How to pick the right color for your skin, brush using & perfect blending technique using brushes, fingers and sponges.

DAY 2   {Eyebrow shaping and pencil art}
•    Eyebrow shaping: learning eyebrow shape and face characteristic. Discovering the best shape for the eyebrow without sacrificing the natural appearance.

DAY 3-5  {Eyeshadow, Double eyelid, False lashes - individual and full set}
•    Eyeshadow Tutorial for Asian Eyes & Application of eye primmer
•    Double eyelid tape: even out the eyelid and make the eyes stand out!
•    Eyeliner: pro training drawing perfect line eyeliner with the right technique using eyeliner both pencil and liquid
•    Eyelashes: how to use eyelash curler. Master the art of choosing and applying eye sexifying false lashes for daily-wedding makeup (upper and lower part)

DAY 6-7  { Highlighting/corrective techniques }
•    Shading, highlight & blush on: improve facial structure. giving the right shading and highlight to create its best contour.

DAY 8-12  { Full Makeup Practice on Model }
•    Day and Evening Makeup
•    Wedding makeup
•    Photography makeup
•    Fashion/ Special Occasion Makeup
•    Stage Makeup

•    1 Day PORTFOLIO photo shoots for:
1.    Wedding makeup
2.    Photography makeup
3.    Fashion/ Special Occasion Makeup
4.    Stage Makeup
•    1 Day Learn about the industry and how to find work as a make-up artist, Learn about the industry and how to find work as a make-up artist, we will help to discover how you can get started and succeed in a career as professional makeup artist.

And yet, beside all the theory,  the most ultimate point of makeup is Confidence. We need to teach the secret of achieving confidence is to have peace of mind and be comfortable in student's own skin.
We will try to enhance their personal makeup style. try new ideas, colors, and sharing great techniques. So they have better trained eye and a little more practiced hand.
“Our  goal is to help them look absolute level best in what they do as a Professional Makeup Artist , Have a good time in the Process and Reach Suceed for being Makeup Artist”


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